We aim to create an architecture of clarity, simplicity, and elegance that supports and reflects the unique core values and vision of each client.  Our objective is to blend functional requirements with aesthetics to create buildings that respond with a poetic spirit to contextual influences and the unique functional needs of our clients.

Our work is not based on the application of a consistent stylistic response.  Instead, it embraces the fluid processes involved in the creation of timeless architecture.  We work carefully to translate vision into reality, creating innovative spaces shaped by light, materials and physical setting.

It is our belief that a successful project is best realized through a dynamic and interactive process that identifies and meets the goals, needs, and aspirations of the building users while respecting its context in the community and enhancing the environment.  This process is dynamic in that it is evolving as the project develops, and interactive in that all parties with an interest are included.

In addition to our technical knowledge and experience, we bring an attitude of openness guided by the belief that each stakeholder can and must be permitted to make positive contributions which, when combined together, total greater than the sum of their individual parts.  It is our first and continuing task as designers to listen to, and be receptive to, the wealth of ideas that the building users bring to each project.  We know some of those ideas are clear and ready for development.  We also understand that often those ideas need a supportive forum, a well run meeting, or a fast and accurate technical response to cohere and be ready for use.

That is the heart of our philosophy and approach — a supportive, open-minded process backed by experience and technical knowledge.