City of Renton |  Renton, Washington
Completed:  2019  |  Construction Cost:  $4.5 million

Fire Station 15 was approved for funding by voters in 2016 and is the result of investments in the newly formed Renton Regional Fire Authority following a study which identified the operational facility space needs. The construction of a new neighborhood station was proposed to meet city goals for greater safety and the funding provided was designated for the construction of a new 7,500 SF fire station to support emergency response operations.

The new station provides two apparatus bays supporting an Engine Company and a future medical bay.  A single-story support wing houses station office functions, the beanery, bunking rooms and other support spaces. The apparatus bays contain aparatus support directly adjacent to the apparatus bays and additional equipment storage in an adjoining mezzanine. Site development for the project includes apparatus aprons, access road, a delivery and receiving area, employee and public parking, pedestrian walkways, and associated landscape areas, as well as an exterior patio accessed from the beanery. The design includes drive-through capability for both apparatus bays.

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