Lake Washington Institute of Technology  |  Kirkland, Washington
Completed:  2005  |  Construction Cost:  $2.4 million

The LWIT West Building was renovated to create a One-Stop Student Center. This renovation was the third in a series of multi-year phased improvements based on the Campus Master Plan developed by Schreiber Starling Whitehead Architects.  A principal goal of the master plan was the consolidation of all student services in a central campus location, immediately adjacent to the new library, a new outdoor campus commons, and the student center.  Student services accommodated in this project include Admissions, Registration / Records, Cashier, Financial Aid, Counseling / Educational Planning, Career Services, Disability Services, Testing / Assessment, and other Special Population Programs.

The efficient flow of students to and from the service points became the guiding program goal of the project.  Visualized as a “string of pearls” the student interaction points are placed along the major circulation path and are given clear visual identification employing a consistent swinging closure/canopy element at the transaction counter.  This canopy is also used on the exterior at the new entrance to the building.

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