The programming and design focus at Schreiber Starling Whitehead Architects has consistently been and continues to be on creating socially-responsible and human-focused public architecture.  As all of our projects are publicly funded, we have learned that certain responsibilities come with this public trust.  We encourage input from our clients' administration, faculty, and building users, as this collection of varied perspectives enriches each design and makes it truly representative of the community for which it is intended.

Working with committees and user groups is a rewarding experience, and we fully support the process of interactive decision-making in design.  We do not believe that public buildings need to be institutional in appearance or functionality.  It is a basic tenet of our design approach that all of our buildings and projects must contribute in a positive way to their communities.


SSW Architects believes that the built environment has a profound impact on our natural environment, economy, health and productivity.  Our approach to designing in a sustainable way centers on the desire to optimize system performance in an environmentally friendly, economically feasible, and socially responsible way.  While we will explore sustainable features in both the physical building and its systems, it is our belief that the most sustainable element of any project is future flexibility.  This approach prevents the premature demolition and waste of buildings that have lost their ability to serve the changing needs of the occupants within.

We work with our clients to develop economically feasible solutions tailored to the building users and the ability of maintenance personnel to operate and maintain special systems and features.  The success of our process is best measured by the comfort and productivity of building occupants, not just by reduced utility bills.

SSW Architects is a member of the US Green Building Council and has multiple LEED Accredited Professionals on staff.  Please see below for a list of our successfully designed and certified projects.


LEED Platinum

Laura Angst Hall — Science and Allied Health Building, Skagit Valley College


Charles Lewis Hall — Academic and Student Services Building, Skagit Valley College
Fire Station 28 Replacement, City of Seattle Fire Department
Fire Station 38 Replacement, City of Seattle Fire Department
66th TAC Readiness Center, Washington Military Department

LEED Silver

Colin Hall Addition, South Seattle College
Wood Technology Center, Seattle Central College
Allied Health Building, Kirkland Campus, Lake Washington Institute of Technology
Salish Hall — Humanities Building, Green River College
Corporate Education Center, Redmond Campus, Lake Washington Institute of Technology
Missile Assembly Building #3, Naval Base Kitsap, United States Navy



SSW Architects’ strong record of quality work and professional performance is evidenced not just by design awards from our peers, but by nearly 100% of our clients awarding us additional projects.  Our record of repeat selection by our clients is indicative of the quality design and responsiveness of service provided.  Over the past twenty-eight years, we have had three institutional clients award our firm over a dozen projects each.

Lake Washington’s (2013 Project Request Report) proposal was so well written and easy to follow that it should be used as an example of how a proposal should be in the future.
— Wayne Doty, SBCTC Capital Budget Director
When a complex remodel can be successfully occupied after surviving the trials of compressed schedules, concurrent projects, and late contractors, it is to the credit of the consultant team. The comments from the faculty, students, and staff definitely indicate the success of this endeavor.
— Win Hunt, Project Manager, Central Washington University
It is one of the few projects that have been presented where it seems that everyone feels their ideas were heard and incorporated into something larger, not marginalized. It was also very exciting to see where we might be and what it might look like 20 years from now. It was obvious that Schreiber Starling Whitehead Architects’ firm did a lot of listening and came up with a plan that responds to many of our voiced and unvoiced concerns.
— Susie Navone, Student Success Center Director, Renton Technical College