Seattle Central College  |  Seattle, Washington
Completed:  Summer 2016  |  Construction Cost:  $11.5 million

The Seattle Maritime Academy (SMA) is a fully-accredited college program offering a variety of specialized maritime educational and training opportunities located on 2.2 acres adjacent to the Ballard Bridge on Salmon Bay.  In 2007, Schreiber Starling Whitehead Architects provided predesign services to SMA for a new project that would replace three outdated buildings and a classroom barge with a new 26,500-gsf building.

The new building contains eleven labs suitable for current maritime training activities and five general use classrooms and computer labs.  Other site amenities include covered equipment, lifeboat, and small boat storage areas.  The new facility, located on the existing SMA campus, has direct access to the water apron and bulkhead for marine uses.  A new entrance to campus was created between the replacement building and the existing Maritime Marine Technology Building.

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