Central Washington University  |  Ellensburg, Washington
Completion:  Fall 2018  |  Construction Cost:  $42 million

Located in the heart of the Central Washington University campus, the existing 107,000 square-foot Samuelson Union Building was a conglomerate of building segments built between 1928 and 1967.  With the construction of a new Student Union and Recreation building in 2006 on an adjacent site, Samuelson Hall was vacated and has remained so.  Starting in 2004, Schreiber Starling Whitehead Architects began working with CWU to develop a number of options for the reuse and revitalization of this prime core campus site.

After extensive programming and planning with the University administration, faculty and students, Samuelson Hall has been transformed into a vibrant center for technical learning.  As the new home of the Departments of Computer Science, Information Technology and Administrative Management, and Mathematics, Samuelson Hall features technology and media-rich learning spaces including multi-modal learning labs, informal peer-to-peer break-out spaces, and a central student gathering atrium.

The existing 49,250 square-foot north wing went go through a major renovation, and the 57,750 square-foot south wing was demolished and replaced with new construction resulting in a new 140,000 square-foot facility supporting Math and the Digital Sciences.  The project also includes a new 5,000 square-foot data center supporting the University’s campus-wide IT needs. 

Project completed in association with Yost Grube Hall Architecture out of Portland Oregon.

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Demolition timelapse